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Bands & DJ's BIOS

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Ginger St James (ON)

HJ & The Constellations (QC)

Surf rock psychedelic exotica from Montreal Canada.  

Jittery Jack & Miss Amy Griffin

Jittery Jack has been on the Rockin’ Scene since the 90’s with his musical partner Amy Griffin on Guitar. From their days together in the Raging Teens, they have traveled the world and performed at the premiere Rockabilly festivals like Viva Las Vegas and the Rockabilly Rave. Their newest platter, “Tonight’s the Night” was released in December 2023. Combining elements of Roots Rock ‘n’ Roll and Country music, the latest release offers 13 original songs guaranteed to get you out on the dance floor!

Mark Malibu & The Wasagas (ON)

We are Canada's original Surf Punk Instrumentalists. We existed from 1979 to 1982. We were 16 years old. We played with many new-wave and punk bands confusing audiences everywhere.

We reunited in 2014 for several shows with all original members. That’s 32 years later! The future promises to be interesting for us Wasagas with lots of new music and shows being offered. Surfs Up again! 

The Allez Cats (ON)

The Carnivals (USA)

The Carnivals are a 5 piece combo that combine a unique blend of 50’s inspired R&B with a New Orleans flair. Hailing from Gloucester Massachusetts, their debut album, “Fiesta Time” will be released in spring of 2024. Best described as a fun time party band, the song “Greasy Pole” tells the tale of a 100 plus year competition where the contestants walk the length of a horizontal telephone pole coated in grease, 20 feet over the harbor to capture a flag and achieve hero status on the streets of Gloucester.

The Head Henchmen

The Head Henchmen are an instrumental surf rock band from Edinburgh who like to pretend they are still in the early 60s despite having been born in the 80s and 90s. That doesn't stop them from sounding like a band from the 60s through their use of old equipment and song writing. Contrary to popular belief, The Head Henchmen actually came together when Craig Howse met Wez Linton while sledging. The sound of crashing into the snow motivated them to write songs to go with this sport. So Craig Howse and Wez Linton went about day looking for a bass player and a drummer. Craig Howse recruited the talent of Jock Slodge who had been wondering the streets without a purpose in life and was trying to find a band that would enjoy the sound of his home made bass. While Wez Linton recruited the diverse, motivated and multi-talanted skills of drummer Karl Loptz which is on the way to Edinburgh any way. The band got together and formed The Head Henchmen and finally released their own E.P creativly titled “The Head Henchmen E.P”. they still can’t decide wether they are a surf rock band or a sledge rock band.

The Howlin' Hound Dogs (QC)

The Shakedown Combo (NS)

The Shakedown Combo perform with the attitude that Rockabilly can be modern and contemporary, not simply a sound from past decades revived by cover bands whenever retro becomes fashionable. 

The Shakedown Combo's line-up consists of two girls (Gill on vocals and Kim on upright bass) and one Guy (Davey Lee on guitar) who together blast out Red Hot Bass Slappin' Beat Whackin' Rockabilly Twang!

Three Blue Teardrops (USA)

When we started our journey as a musical entity in Chicago the autumn of 1991 (Yes THAT long ago) we were in our very early 20s and were in it for kicks, to play some gigs, travel, meet people, have some drinks, be creative, make music, and have some laughs and contribute to a DIY music scene and take our influences and filter them through a rockabilly format. We wanted leave some tracks in the sand and we've done that and vow to continue to do that until we are no longer capable.  Our reason for forming wasn't to "get famous” and it's safe to say that after 32 years we have so far safely avoided that pitfall!  Phew. Luckily we also didn't start this band to get rich and that also is a good thing because the wealth we have acquired is not financial.  So here we are…How did we get here?  


Our DJ's


DJ Atomik  

Originally from the UK and after living in Toronto for many years, DJ Atomik is a recent Brockville transplant. He can be found bringing the sounds of Rockabilly, Surf, and Soul to local venues and events.

DJ Lucky Luc

Making you shake your moneymaker!

DJ Mark Malibu


DJ Tony Be Good



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