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Cadillac Rumble Trio 

Cadillac Rumble have reunited as a trio led by Scott Harvey on Vocals and Upright Bass. The Trio version of Cadillac Rumble includes Bogdan Gheorghe on Guitar and Billy Cicalo on Drums.

The band plays a blend of musical styles of early blues-infused rock of the 50's, swing, country, western, rhythm and blues, and vintage style rockabilly. This three-piece band reaches back into musical history to play their rock n roll favorites, paying tribute to the greats in their own style.

The Midnight Motels                                                   

The Midnight Motels are an Ottawa based 3-piece rock and roll trio.

Sonically, the Midnight Motels will remind you of the classic 3-piece bands of the 50s and 60s, with the harmonizing vocals, jangly guitar leads, the walking bass riffs and the straight-forward backbeats that keep your feet moving, whether they want to or not!

Throwing in some original compositions alongside some familiar standards and offbeat interpretations, The Midnight Motels are sure to strike a chord with audiences of all ages. Their charming and aggressive style combines with their decades of experience to culminate in a very infectious sound and atmosphere.


Lara Hope and the Arks Tone

Winner of the 2017 Ameripolitan Music Award for Best Female Rockabilly Artist, and named the “Best Up-And-Coming Band” by New York's Hudson Valley Magazine, Lara Hope and the Ark-Tones are the Northeast's premier Roots Rock n’ Roll & Rockabilly Twang outfit!

Born from a hybrid of Lara’s former rockabilly band The Champtones, and upright bassist Matt’s international psychobilly act, The Arkhams, The Ark-Tones hit the ground running in 2012 and haven’t slowed down since. Lara and Matt also perform as a duo (The Gold Hope Duo), and can even be found as the country/western entertainers at the one of longest running family resorts in New York, the Rocking Horse Ranch, performing under the name Lara and the Hope'Alongs.

Little Rachel

The little gal with the BIG voice!
They call her "Little Rachel" because she is only five feet tall, but this petite package packs quite a punch! Little Rachel exploded on to the 1950's rockin' scene in 2000, alongside her sister Caroline, as the exuberant Austin, Texas-based rockabilly duo, "The Casey Sisters". They released two albums on the Swedish label, Tail Records, that quickly earned them a great deal of critical acclaim from 1950's enthusiasts for their strong female harmonies, versatility, and authentic 1950's sound.

The TrebleTones

The TrebleTones are a Rockabilly Trio from Hamilton Ontario. This power trio is known for blending classic rockabilly with punk & rock n roll, bringing you all your favorites along side original material.

The King Jives

the King Jives - rockabilly, roots trio...proud Hamilton band.

The Sloe Gin Fizz

With unparalleled energy, these Hillbilly-Rockers of the Eastern Townships breathe new life to the spirit of the King and the golden age of Rock & Roll, in an orchestral brouhaha of copper, nickel, and fire. The Sloe Gin Fizz explode on the stage, mashing up Blues, Swing, Country, and Rockabilly with 21st century energy.

The Ichi-Bons

Born at the rockin’ Black Dice Cafe in Toronto Ichi-Bons are the reckless rock ‘n’ roll revival. Inspired by obscure surf, garage and Rockabilly 45’s, they combine the sounds of a raunchy vinyl DJ with a cranked rock ‘n’ roll band. From boppin’ garage to frantic rockabilly, from instrumental surf to desperate rock ‘n’ roll, Ichi-Bons are a stack of quarters on your favourite jukebox.
Ichi-Bons are Mamoru on guitar, Hideki on bass, and Paddy on drums. Formed over a love of 1950’s and 60’s records, clothing, and slang, they celebrate the real gone gems of rock ‘n’ roll.

Hell Bent Rockers

The Hell Bent Rockers are a high energy rockabilly quartet that have been rockin’ the Hamilton, ON music scene for years. With their high-energy mix of classic rock & roll and authentic 50’s rockabilly , you can’t help but get up and dance when these cats hit the stage.

Mark Gamsjager & Lustre Kings

"(The Lustre Kings’) soulful, greasy, nasty, all-American Sound is impossible to resist. Indeed, after having heard hundreds of new bands over the last thirty years, I gotta say this one belongs to the select few you can count on your hands." Rollin' Rock Records, Las Vegas, NV

Peter and the Wolves

Calgary’s Peter & the Wolves, are an old fashioned rock and roll band bent on makin’ you wanna kick out your chair shake it all night long!
In 2013, they emerged from Bowness, a fresh-faced rockabilly outfit shaped by their forefathers’ rowdy, unstoppable urge to shake it. Led by Howlin’ Pete Cormier, the Wolves were playing the bar scene while half its members were still in high school. Sweat dripped from their brow and soaked their sharkskin suits; they pulverized the room and left them panting for more.

The Royaltones

The RoyalTones first played on New Year's Eve 2013, in Moncton, N.B, when Carey Beck needed an upright bassist to play a bar show. Aaron Young drove in from Fredericton, N.B. for the call. It was suggested by mutual friends to check out Aaron Bravenor for the drums. Since then a series of gigs have ensued including The Atlantic Beer Festival, The Digby Lobster Bash, and The Atlantic Nationals. The Maritime Rockabilly Shakedown fest, Dooryard Fest, Midsummer Madness Fest, Burlesque shows, Celebrity Golf Tournaments, Car Shows, Bars, etc.

Smokin' DeVille 

Smokin' DeVille revives the music of the 50s with a marginal rockabilly influenced by the surf, swing and rock n' roll music of the time. To this clever mixture is added a festive and roaring energy that leaves no one indifferent. 

The members of the group are Katrine Pignataro (lead vocal), Henry Wojcik (double bass), Christian Lamothe (guitar), Mario Lauzier (saxophone) and Jean-Sébastien Nicol (drums). These are five vintage music lovers who offer you performances that are colourful, inspired and immediately communicate their shared pleasure for this festive style. 

The Green Reflectors

Formed in Bridgewater Nova Scotia in 2007, the Green Reflectors are two brothers, who don’t look like brothers, but are most definitely related. Kyle plays the guitar and Aaron plays the drums.

Wherever they play they end up turning heads, getting people’s attention and capturing the hearts of new fans with their loud in your face riff rock sound and extremely physical shows. The Green Reflectors have opened for many bands including award winning acts such as the Urban Surf Kings, The Chris Martin Trio, and Like a Motorcycle to name a few.

Mark Malibu & the Wasagas

Canada's original Surf Punk Instrumentalists. We existed from 1979-1982. We were 16 years old. We played with many new-wave and punk bands confusing audiences everywhere.
We reunited in 2014 for several shows with all original members. That’s 32 years later! 2016 promises to be an interesting year for us Wasagas with lots of new music and shows being offered. Surfs Up again !

Jittery Jack & Amy Griffin

"The Boston Rocker", brings his East Coast bang to the world of Rockabilly and 50's inspired Rock 'n' Roll. He has headlined at the Viva Las Vegas festival numerous times and has toured internationally headlining many festivals including UK's the Rockabilly Rave and Australia's Camperdown Cruise. Jack has also recorded for both Wild Records in Hollywood, CA and Rhythm Bomb Records in Germany who released his 2014 full length, "Gonna Have A Time".
Alongside Jack is the "Rockin' Guitar Gal" Amy Griffin, one of the roots/americana/rockabilly scenes premiere guitarists. She has played stages all over the world, including The Conan O'Brien Show and HBO's Reverb.

DJ Black Dice

Originally from Japan, DJ Black Dicer will have you Boppin', Rockin' and Rolling and Jiving with his collection of 45s.

DJ Pat White

Pat is a rockin' DJ from Montreal From breathtaking jivers to killer boppers, he's got what it takes to keep you on the dance floor all night!

DJ Tony B Good

Tony Be Good was originally a Rockabilly radio show, which also included other styles of music from around the 1950s. Also, there is Sauce Vintage, a video project that also focuses on Rockabilly and other styles of the same kind. Today, the two have merged and the project is renamed "Du Tony Be Good". It is now a single project for retro culture and the 1950s.

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